We make custom accessories for your Garments products.


A drawstring is a string, cord, lace, or rope used to "draw" fabric or other material. 

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Woven Label 

 If you are buying from Premium Woven Label Supplier with Professional Quality Control and the Best Prices

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 Satin care label

 Printed soft satin clothing labels offer a super soft and silky feel.

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Woven Belt 

Made with smooth, high-quality leather. Mesh belt is easily adjustable to your exact size. 

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 We constantly deliver high quality, valued and innovative T-Shirt at a reasonable price that meets the wanted of today's marketplace.

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 Jeans Pant

 We focus all our talents on jeans. And we are proud to say that we make some of the best jeans in the world.

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We are making
garments accessories since 2010

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We offer tailored services to meet your products standard and buyers needs. All products are different so we analyze your materials before we send any pricing.

Shipping & Handling

We know how important its for you to meet the production deadline. By keeping it in mind we ensure to deliver the products at the right time in your door.


Our staff

We are fully automated machine equipped manufacturing company with 21 talented staff.

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